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For people who often shop at the mall, surely they will not miss the massive discount event that is often held at the shopping center. Because there will be a variety of shopping offers with fantastic prices when the moment is present, for example, the Jakarta Great Sale Festival which is held in the middle of the year and when before Lebaran arrives.

It is better to be clever in getting around the shopping offer so that it is not too wasteful in spending money and leaving the mall in an empty bag out of money.

Get Cash Back

Get Cash Back

To get around so as not to be too wasteful, one solution is to maximize the benefits obtained from credit cards. Because in addition to being used as a legitimate payment instrument, credit cards also have many other benefits. In fact, usually during a great sale or a massive discount like this, credit card owners can be more satisfied with shopping by using a credit card.

This is because it is probable that credit card owners will get lots of extra benefits and discounts. The following are various benefits that will be obtained from the use of credit cards to shop at these great sale moments.

Cashback is a profit in the form of a sale price discount or a refund of certain value each time paying for a transaction using a credit card for various transactions. These discounts can be done directly by reducing the value of the transaction or by reducing the credit category on three bills in the following month. For example cashback of 1.5% of the total purchase transaction or cashback in the form of cash that is useful for spending a certain amount.

Add Reward Points

Add Reward Points


Usually, there are several cards that provide point collection features in a number of purchase transactions that are made based on the policies of each issuing bank. The number of reward points that have been collected by the credit card holder can be exchanged for other prizes (Redeem Points).

The types of prizes offered by each credit card or issuing bank vary depending on the policies of each bank. But in general, the prize provided by the issuing bank is in the form of a discounted purchase price directly for certain goods or product purchase transactions.

These moments can be used by credit card owners to add or exchange points that have been collected previously. Usually, the process is easier and more interesting because the owner of the point can exchange with certain purchases that are included in the list of promotions in a great sale moment.

So, you should ask the mall cashier first, whether the points contained in the credit card can be used to pay for your groceries. If there are points that can be used, it will certainly help reduce spending payments, as well as being useful to take advantage of credit card points that may already be mountainous because they have never been used.

Get Extra Discounts


Discount facility or discounted selling price is the most offered facility in conducting transactions using credit cards. This is because discounts have become a standard facility for credit cards. The discounted offer is the facility most often used to attract people to use a credit card. Nowadays, there are many merchants who have collaborated with credit card issuers who participate in offering credit card promos in a variety of discounted prices.

Shopping when the great sale moment is the most appropriate time for credit card owners to take advantage of these discounts to get the items you want. In a great sale moment, generally, this credit card discount will help the card owner to control expenses and of course be free from dry bags caused by the desire to hunt for items that are heavily discounted.

But credit card owners should still pay attention to the needs of the items to be purchased whether really needed or not so that rewards, discounts, and other facilities from the credit card are not immediately used up immediately.

For those of you who like traveling, besides the three facilities above, certain credit cards also offer other bonus features in the form of mileage points or frequent flyers. These points can be exchanged for free tickets and other facility services when using certain airlines. One of them is a free airport lounge bonus. These benefits can be an option for credit card owners who will go home using a plane. Maybe even more shopping transactions, the more points that can later be exchanged for convenience going home.


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