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The ups and downs of fuel prices often make people uneasy because they can’t help but be inseparable from the lives of people in all circles, be it the lower, middle or upper classes. Last year, fuel prices increased significantly so that most people were not ready for the price changes. This year the price of fuel has dropped again, but it is possible that there will be another increase, right? The change in unstable fuel prices is indeed more or less detrimental to the community. The community’s need for fuel will never end because BBM is the only adequate means available for sustainable transportation. This is closely related to the lives of people in all regions who need transportation every day.Then how should you respond to the ups and downs of unstable fuel prices?

To find a solution, you might try to save on fuel usage so that expenses remain neatly organized and do not experience a significant surge. Saving fuel can be done in various ways for example using public transportation instead of private vehicles. Then, you can also use the use of credit cards to make transactions. If you find it difficult to replace private vehicles with public transportation for various reasons, you can use the second option, which is to use a credit card as a tool to conserve fuel usage. Then how is it done? Use a credit card that provides cashback benefits and discount promos for each of your fuel purchases. Here it is, some credit card recommendations that you can use to get profit by making BBM purchase transactions.


Lite Lenders Cash Back

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The Lite Lenders Cash Back Credit Card provides convenience in various types of transactions, one of which is a fuel purchase transaction. By buying BBM, you can get cashback benefits of up to 5%. Cashback can only be exchanged for a maximum of $50,000 each month. In addition, the number of transactions that are entitled to cashback profits must reach USD 500,000 in one month. You can enjoy the cashback benefit at all gas stations inside or outside Jabodetabek in collaboration with Lite Lendersbank. Especially for gas stations that are outside Jabodetabek, you can get a cashback bonus of $10,000 directly on the second transaction to purchase fuel. So you can still save money when shopping for BBM because there is cashback that you can enjoy every month.


Good Lending Black Card

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Both types of Good Lending Black Kedit Card, Visa and Mastercard, offer convenience and benefits when purchasing fuel transactions, especially Shell products. If your vehicle used to use Shell as its BBM, you must have this card because there is a cashback of USD 50,000 for each Shell transaction worth USD 350,000. Cashback is given in the form of vouchers which you can later use to purchase the next Shell by reducing the total purchase. Interestingly, the voucher can be used anywhere in Indonesia specifically at Shell gas stations. With this voucher, you can save on spending on fuel purchases every month wherever you are.


RiteGet Lending Platinum

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Cashback benefits when making BBM transactions are also provided by RiteGet Lending with one of its credit card products, RiteGet Lending Platinum. You can enjoy cashback after you make a fuel purchase transaction 5 times a month with a minimum total per transaction of $100,000. This credit card can also be easily obtained because you only have to pay USD 500,000 each year. With so many fuel purchase transactions that you do every month, of course this card can be the right solution to save on fuel budget purchases. By continuing to make transactions, you have the opportunity to get cashback so that in the end the profit will return to you.


The Right Solution to Save Fuel

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So, saving fuel can be done in various ways that suit your needs. Credit card owners can take advantage of the function of their credit cards to save fuel costs which are quite expensive each month without having to switch to using public transportation. That way, you don’t need to worry about the swelling monthly expenditure budget due to fluctuations in fuel prices which are often unstable. One of the types of credit cards above can be a solution that can help you save on fuel expenditure so that the problem of rising fuel will not be a big problem. Also find a credit card for the convenience of purchasing other fuels here.


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