Payday Loan Consoldation

A Guide to Debt Settlement and Consolidation

Debt settlement is an option for people who are currently behind on their debt payments. It is an alternative to bankruptcy and will allow you to get rid of debt with less money than you owe. You can negotiate a debt settlement or you can use the company to do it for you. See for further editorial

How debt settlement works

How debt settlement works

When you settle a debt with a company you offer to pay less than you owe in exchange for the rest of the debt you will be forgiven.

Sometimes you can negotiate up to twenty or thirty percent of the original amount you were owed. Debt settlement works only on unsecured loans or collateral-free debt, such as credit cards or personal loans. For collateral loans, such as your car or home loan, the bank will repay the loan and will not negotiate another payment.

Since it has been difficult for a business to collect a debt from you in the past, you must pay the amount you agreed to in one lump sum within a few days of entering into a contract with the company. For this reason, you should only negotiate with one company at a time.

Debt settlement has a negative effect on your credit score, as debt states a settlement, but it is better than having a lot of outstanding debt on your credit report. Maybe a better option than bankruptcy.

Debt settlement averages

Debt settlement averages

Debt settlement can help get your debt going faster than paying off.

Negotiations can allow you to take care of your debt rather than ignore it and hope it will disappear. Debt settlement also allows you to pay something towards your debt, which can help you deal with problems if you feel bad about not being able to pay your current debts because your financial circumstances have changed.

Disrespect for debt settlement

Debt settlement has a negative effect on your credit score, as the debts will not say pay in full. You can only address one debt at a time, which means you will still be able to collect calls while trying to save money to pay off your debts.

It may take time to pay off all your debts, where bankruptcy would worry about paying them off quickly. You will have to pay tax on the amount of debt forgiven. You need to plan how the debt settlement will affect your taxes

Debt negotiation

Debt negotiation

You can negotiate a debt settlement on your own. You will need to list the debts you are currently behind in payments and look at the amount you currently owe. Try to save about fifty percent of that amount, then invite the lender to offer the amount as a settlement in full. Start with a smaller amount than you currently saved, as you will need to negotiate the amount of the payment with the lender.

If they accept the amount as full payment, you must request that they send you a letter stating it and wait to receive it before sending the payment. Keep a copy of the check unauthorized with the letter in the file. This will protect you in the event that the company claims to still owe you money.

Once you settle one debt, you start the process with another debt.

Using a debt settlement company or a lawyer

You can use a debt settlement company or a lawyer to settle your debts. A debt settlement company will contact you with your creditors and negotiate settlements. During this time, you will pay a monthly debt settlement company, which will save them negotiating settlements for you.

Debt settlement companies take some of that money for fees for their services. In addition, some debt settlement companies suddenly shut down and take all the money you paid with them. It is important to carefully research the company and ensure that it is legitimate and open for several years before going with them. A debt settlement lawyer will work similarly to a debt settlement company.

It is important to carefully consider all your options when you want to work with a debt relief company.

What can you finance with a personal loan?

Belgium wants to improve its financial situation and this consolidation begins with home loans. The conditions are more and more drastic. Cream banks refer to many demanding criteria for screening credit applicants. We tell you everything about the eligibility criteria to be met in order to obtain a favorable response from credit organizations, personal contribution, secured guarantees such as the mortgage, which borrower insurance to take out, etc.

What is a credit restructuring?

What is a credit restructuring?

More and more people are resorting to buying back credit, which is the obvious solution to avoid over-indebtedness. But what is it exactly? Which credits are affected? Who are the buyout offers for, What are the conditions for taking advantage of them and when should you consolidate your credit? You will get all your answers through many articles dedicated to debt restructuring

Credit and filing at the BNB, what consequences?

Credit and filing at the BNB, what consequences?

The BNB keeps an up-to-date file which lists all the operations carried out by each of us. The file consists of a positive section and another negative section. What are the consequences if you appear in the black pane? How long does a BNB file take? Can you still claim a credit if your name is on it? What solutions can you implement to obtain credit by being registered? Who can help you?

What are some good credit tips to know?

What are some good credit tips to know?

It is becoming more and more difficult to open a loan. But there are a few tips you can use to help promote your case. The same is true of online tools such as loan comparator and credit simulation to sort offers. How to use these tools? What information can you get using these tools? What are their advantages, their limits.

We also teach you how to know your debt ratio to determine your borrowing capacity. This allows you to fix the monthly repayment that you can bear. You should know that 80% for unpaid bills are the consequence of a poor assessment of the repayment capacity. Don’t fall into the credit trap.

Save fuel with a credit card, how to do it?

The ups and downs of fuel prices often make people uneasy because they can’t help but be inseparable from the lives of people in all circles, be it the lower, middle or upper classes. Last year, fuel prices increased significantly so that most people were not ready for the price changes. This year the price of fuel has dropped again, but it is possible that there will be another increase, right? The change in unstable fuel prices is indeed more or less detrimental to the community. The community’s need for fuel will never end because BBM is the only adequate means available for sustainable transportation. This is closely related to the lives of people in all regions who need transportation every day.Then how should you respond to the ups and downs of unstable fuel prices?

To find a solution, you might try to save on fuel usage so that expenses remain neatly organized and do not experience a significant surge. Saving fuel can be done in various ways for example using public transportation instead of private vehicles. Then, you can also use the use of credit cards to make transactions. If you find it difficult to replace private vehicles with public transportation for various reasons, you can use the second option, which is to use a credit card as a tool to conserve fuel usage. Then how is it done? Use a credit card that provides cashback benefits and discount promos for each of your fuel purchases. Here it is, some credit card recommendations that you can use to get profit by making BBM purchase transactions.


Lite Lenders Cash Back

credit cards

The Lite Lenders Cash Back Credit Card provides convenience in various types of transactions, one of which is a fuel purchase transaction. By buying BBM, you can get cashback benefits of up to 5%. Cashback can only be exchanged for a maximum of $50,000 each month. In addition, the number of transactions that are entitled to cashback profits must reach USD 500,000 in one month. You can enjoy the cashback benefit at all gas stations inside or outside Jabodetabek in collaboration with Lite Lendersbank. Especially for gas stations that are outside Jabodetabek, you can get a cashback bonus of $10,000 directly on the second transaction to purchase fuel. So you can still save money when shopping for BBM because there is cashback that you can enjoy every month.


Good Lending Black Card

credit loan

Both types of Good Lending Black Kedit Card, Visa and Mastercard, offer convenience and benefits when purchasing fuel transactions, especially Shell products. If your vehicle used to use Shell as its BBM, you must have this card because there is a cashback of USD 50,000 for each Shell transaction worth USD 350,000. Cashback is given in the form of vouchers which you can later use to purchase the next Shell by reducing the total purchase. Interestingly, the voucher can be used anywhere in Indonesia specifically at Shell gas stations. With this voucher, you can save on spending on fuel purchases every month wherever you are.


RiteGet Lending Platinum

credit loan

Cashback benefits when making BBM transactions are also provided by RiteGet Lending with one of its credit card products, RiteGet Lending Platinum. You can enjoy cashback after you make a fuel purchase transaction 5 times a month with a minimum total per transaction of $100,000. This credit card can also be easily obtained because you only have to pay USD 500,000 each year. With so many fuel purchase transactions that you do every month, of course this card can be the right solution to save on fuel budget purchases. By continuing to make transactions, you have the opportunity to get cashback so that in the end the profit will return to you.


The Right Solution to Save Fuel

car fuel

So, saving fuel can be done in various ways that suit your needs. Credit card owners can take advantage of the function of their credit cards to save fuel costs which are quite expensive each month without having to switch to using public transportation. That way, you don’t need to worry about the swelling monthly expenditure budget due to fluctuations in fuel prices which are often unstable. One of the types of credit cards above can be a solution that can help you save on fuel expenditure so that the problem of rising fuel will not be a big problem. Also find a credit card for the convenience of purchasing other fuels here.

Multipurpose Loans or Home Renovation Loans, Which Do You Choose?

The rainy season has come, with the coming of the rain can tell us that the roof of the house has leaked. Apart from leaking roofs, cracks usually occur on walls, peeling paint, and many other things that often become problems that arise in each person’s home.

Home renovation is a reason and solution to fix problems that arise in a home. However, there are many obstacles that we need to consider in renovating houses, one of which is funding constraints. However, this can be overcome by seeking loan funds for people who want to renovate their houses but have difficulty in funding.

There are various variants provided by a bank for people who want to renovate their homes. There are 2 types of financing or home renovation loans, namely multipurpose loans and renovation loans. If there is an urgent need, you can use both types of multipurpose loans.


Multipurpose Loans

Multipurpose Loans

In every bank that has developed in this country, all of them have multipurpose credit products. The credit can be used for consumptive purposes. This credit can take the form of children’s education, health, for the purpose of buying a car, for renovation costs, and so forth.

To renovate a house sometimes requires a large enough amount of funds so that sometimes the alternative to doing renovations is to pawn the guarantee of a house certificate so that renovation funds can be obtained quickly with a safe guarantee that is the house itself.

Through multipurpose loans, funds can be submitted in the range of $ 2,000,000 up to $ 2,000,000,000. The tenor granted also has the freedom to be a year, two years, or up to a dozen years.

In addition, the interest given to multipurpose loans also varies from 9% to 12%. High interest rates are a disadvantage of multipurpose loans.

But there are advantages, namely collateral that is determined not only in the form of land or buildings, but can also be a vehicle. In addition to that, multipurpose loans can be disbursed 100% as needed.


Renovation Credit

Renovation Credit

When it comes to excellence, renovation loans are somewhat different from multipurpose loans because renovation loans incur a much lower interest rate, have a longer tenor, and a ceiling that is greater than multipurpose loans.

The disadvantages of own renovation credit include:

  1. Located on the building aspect. We choose a renovation credit so that the collateral will be the house that will be renovated.
  2. The amount of funds disbursed can reach 80% of the needs of the RAB or planned budget for building a house renovation, so we bear the rest.


Determining Priority Scale for Home Renovation

At the time of house renovation is needed urgently we must determine the priority scale not desire so do not rush to come to a bank. Because the priority scale determines an estimated funding need for a renovation.

There are four posts that need funds that must be prepared if you want to renovate a house, including:

  1. Licensing

The need for a building permit or building permit to the village office if we want to change a new form from the previous one.

  1. Post repairman or contractor fees

In order to get competitive value, we should be able to collect as much information about the services of builders or contractors. In addition, also calculate whether the renovation uses bulk or daily and we should consider the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Material costs

The large material cost depends on the choice of material and the scope of the renovation itself. If the choice of material and the scope of renovation to eat quality will require a higher cost, but conversely if the choice of material and the scope of renovation is of low quality then it will only require a lower material cost.

If you want to be more practical then the matter of material selection and scope of renovation can be left to the services of the craftsman or the contractor itself because the cost of the material may be cheaper.

  1. Unforeseen expenses

We recommend that if you want to renovate a house we have to prepare some or some funds for unexpected costs, for example the safe portion is around 20%.

Are You Confused Looking for the Best Multi Purpose Loan Product? Pay attention to the solution!


We recommend that House Renovations Prepared from Far Away

We recommend that House Renovations Prepared from Far Away

In choosing the source of funds to renovate a house, we should consider whether the funding needs are urgent or not so do not just borrow multipurpose loans or renovation loans because both of these funds are consumer credit classes.

As a suggestion, funds for home renovation should come from your and your family’s savings. In this case, the problem of renovation should have been thought of ahead of time, so you don’t get overwhelmed when your house is damaged.

Student Credit, Helps Indonesian Students to be More Independent

Currently, Indonesia seems to get a demographic bonus with many young people growing up to 2050. One of the complicated problems in educating the children of this nation is the high cost of education, especially for those who are currently going to college.

The 20% state budget allocation for the education budget

It seems insufficient to accommodate the large costs that must be borne when entering the campus world.

There was a survey conducted by Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) in 2012. They said the majority of students’ sources of income were 88.16 percent for parents and 4.60 percent for scholarships. Meanwhile, to provide money for their children, these parents must borrow from relatives (32 percent), banks (28 percent), and pawnshops (13 percent).

This certainly raises its own problems, when tuition fees are no longer affordable or parents are constrained with minimal income. The most common consequence is that we read in newspapers about the story of children who cannot register with PTN even though it has been received because of family funding problems. Inevitably need the right solution to overcome this problem, one of them through loans without interest or with low interest for students.

Calculating Allocation Needs for Tuition Fees


The tuition fees basically vary depending on the university itself. For the average condition of State Universities (PTN) with BHMN status, at least take an estimated cost consisting of an entrance fee of 50 million dollars, plus a tuition fee of 5 million dollars per semester for 8 semesters and a living cost of 1 million dollars per month for 48 months. So if it is totaled, the tuition fees at the PTN are 138 million dollars until the time of graduation with a four-year study period.

If a student has to pay his tuition by debt, how much should be paid? Without government assistance, students must take debt by following the applicable bank policies, for example, many calculations circulating on the internet with the assumption of 10% interest without a down payment, then the interest to be paid is around 22 million.

So the total loan from students that accumulates when students graduate is 160 million dollars (138 million dollars plus interest for four years). If the installment calculation is made for 10 years, then the installment to be paid is around 2.2 million dollars per month.

Potential Student Credit Market


Actually, student loan products in the past, there is already such a thing as Indonesian Student Credit (KMI). Unfortunately, this credit package broke up because many students were in arrears in debt and were unable to pay. This condition certainly makes us concerned. The young generation hopes that the nation turns out to be one of the problems with the emergence of bad credit. Learning from that, Fine Bank is certainly more experienced in managing student credit portfolios.

Fine Bank started from Makassar because it saw the potential of the city relatively as a pilot project. One well-known campus there, Satria Makassar University has 3,750 students, plus 800 more post-graduate students and more than 100 lecturers who can automatically become Fine Bank customers. If calculated roughly, Fine Bank can collect at least 5.2 billion dollars of student funds from the campus each semester by looking at the statistical data above.

Loan without Credit Bureau for self-employed.

The search for a serious offer, for a loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed, is extremely difficult. As far as all research shows, legal only grants a credit-free loan. The article provides an overview of the credit opportunities that derive from this, which Credit Bureau-free loan offers are extremely risky.

Loan without Credit Bureau for self-employed – difficult loan search

Loan without Credit Bureau for self-employed - difficult loan search

Entrepreneurs who “only” run a small business find it extremely difficult to grant loans. Despite the clean Credit Bureau, they constantly run in front of locked doors. Influenced by the Basel contracts, hardly a reputable credit institution dares to lend after starting a business. It is even more difficult if the credit rating query at Credit Bureau is negative. Even credit banks from Germany that are willing to take risks reject the loan request without being checked.

The negative attitude of the credit providers alone would make a serious loan offer for a loan without Credit Bureau desirable for the self-employed. Unfortunately, as far as is known, at least currently no reputable foreign bank offers Credit Bureau-free financing for freelancers and entrepreneurs. The large-scale advertising for loans without Credit Bureau is aimed exclusively at employees subject to social security.

As far as can be traced, there is only ever one credit bank behind the reputable loan offers of the intermediary for employees. The loan without Credit Bureau is being advertised by Lite bank from Liechtenstein. Unfortunately, the self-employed are excluded from direct lending. Even a solvent guarantor or property collateral cannot help with the loan. However, a “proxy loan” would not be excluded. In this case, instead of guaranteeing, a close confidant qualified for the loan would apply for the loan.

Loan without Credit Bureau as proxy loan – requirements

Loan without Credit Bureau as proxy loan - requirements

A direct application for a loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed would be rejected by Lite bank. The self-employed are not admitted as borrowers. A credit request from a close confidant who does a job that is subject to social security contributions would be permitted. His employment relationship must exist for at least 12 months and must not be limited. In addition, there must be no garnishment of wages and the income from work must not be assigned.

Another important factor for the credit check is a clean public debt register. If the applicant fulfills all the requirements, the credit bank has no objection to lending the money further.  The borrower can freely dispose of a loan without Credit Bureau from Liechtenstein. There is no restriction to act only in your own economic interest – as with ordinary loan offers.

As a representative loan, the loan can be applied for without a Credit Bureau for self-employed persons in the amount of 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD. For 3,500 USD, 11.62 percent are effective, for 5,000 USD, 11.61 percent effective APR. The interest rate mentioned includes all credit costs with a repayment period of 40 months and direct application. If you want to apply for Credit Bureau-free financing through a credit broker, additional third-party costs arise.

Avoid business loans of dubious origin

Avoid business loans of dubious origin

A small loan that cannot even be applied for often does not meet the expectations of those interested in credit. Anyone who searches intensively will find offers for a loan without Credit Bureau in unlimited amounts. Portals that advertise in this way offer direct contact to private investors. This possibility to get a loan from private donors does not correspond to the serious offer of portals like Across Lender or Spin Lender.

Only the establishment of direct contact is offered. Only the publication of the credit request is paid. Other services of the portal operator, such as the ID check of the contractual partners, are not included. Investors can be contacted either directly via email or via an unfiltered forwarding. If a credit agreement is concluded, the portal does not charge any fees.

Most are not aware of the risk of getting a loan without Credit Bureau in this way. You only see the credit opportunities without agency fees and the sometimes low interest rates. The risk arises from the lack of control by a neutral body. In theory, the entire loan can be processed anonymously. A credit without Credit Bureau for the self-employed, which gives the opportunity to come about without an ID procedure, can have criminal consequences.

To prevent money laundering, the ID check has been introduced by law for all lending. If you circumvent the post-ID procedure, you run the risk of becoming the last link to be identified in a money laundering group. The penalty for aiding money laundering can be up to five years’ imprisonment.

Hence the urgent appeal that a loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed can be legally “tricked” as a proxy loan. Leaving the safe ground of legality is not worth a loan.

How to take out a lightning credit with negative Credit Bureau


Many consumers are familiar with this. First an invoice comes unexpectedly and then something breaks that needs repair. It is not uncommon for there to be a financial bottleneck that can only be mitigated with a loan. But it is not always easy to get this loan, because one or the other has a negative Credit Bureau entry.

Take out a lightning credit with a negative Credit Bureau

Take out a lightning credit with a negative Credit Bureau

Some consumers are allowed to take out a lightning credit with a negative Credit Bureau. When borrowing, it always depends on how many entries there are and which entries are concerned. A negative Credit Bureau does not always have to be to blame for a loan being rejected. If you are preparing to take out the loan, you may still be able to receive a loan amount.

If the customer has negative entries and they pile up, it will be difficult to make an application. It will often only be possible if other collateral is available. In this case, other collateral is guarantees or life insurance. In order to be able to circumvent these guarantees, testing your own Credit Bureau can help.

Every consumer has the opportunity to check his Credit Bureau himself. It is not uncommon for old invoices to be entered in it that have long been paid off. That can certainly happen because debt collection companies do not work with Credit Bureau. Once they have requested a reminder or attachment, but are already obsolete, such entries are not automatically deleted. Many negative entries can be deleted so that the credit rating can increase.

Take out lightning credit with negative Credit Bureau with collateral

Take out lightning credit with negative Credit Bureau with collateral

If the entries in the Credit Bureau remain, security will help. Guarantees are the first choice and are always offered first by banks. A guarantor is a second borrower for the lender, who signs the loan agreement with the applicant and thus guarantees that the loan will be repaid. The guarantee is only used if the borrower has to stop paying the installments for various reasons.

At that moment, the guarantor must continue to repay the loan with his assets. This is risky for him because he is liable for everything he has. In addition, it will not be easy for him to get the money back even if the borrower is having trouble paying the installments to the bank. This way, if the borrower cannot find a guarantor, he can also take out a foreign loan.

This foreign loan is primarily taken up by those who have had no success with German banks and savings banks. For example, those who cannot take out a loan in Germany due to a negative Credit Bureau can take out a lightning loan with a negative Credit Bureau abroad.

Credit Bureau does not work abroad, so no entries are checked there. As a guarantee that the loan is secured, foreign banks require a regular income that comes from permanent employment. In addition, the applicant must be fully legally competent, i.e. must have reached the minimum age of 18 years. If these requirements can be met, it will not be difficult to take out a lightning credit with a negative Credit Bureau.

The application is usually made through a credit intermediary. It would be too costly to take out the loan on site, especially since the travel costs are not negligible. The customer is looking for the credit intermediary on the Internet. Since there are a great many here, a comparison should not be omitted. Credit brokers work on commission, which can vary greatly from broker to broker.

When the customer has submitted all documents and has provided his personal data truthfully, offers from various banks will be sent to him by email. If he chooses one of these offers, all he has to do is sign the loan agreement. The processing takes place very quickly, so that the Blitzkredit with negative Credit Bureau is transferred to the borrower’s checking account within a short time.

Benefits of Credit Cards For Emergency Funds

Having a variety of busy and also quite high financial activities often makes us so in need of various facilities in conducting various financial transactions. Time becomes very important, where everyone expects all his affairs can run smoothly and in accordance with expectations. Technology can certainly be a reliable thing to get these various facilities, various financial facilities can be accessed easily with the help of current technological advances.

One of the banking facilities that is widely used today is credit cards. Various reasons are the cause of the high use of plastic money in the midst of society. But among all these reasons, ease and convenience of transactions is the most frequently cited reason. Credit cards make various financial transactions easier and more practical, not just direct transactions, even all online transactions can also be accessed by using a credit card.

Its use as a global payment instrument that is accepted throughout the world, is one of the added values ‚Äč‚Äčthat makes it easier for business people and those who like to travel when conducting financial transactions. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, and that makes them so needed by many people.

The Right Benefits

The Right Benefits

But even so, in reality, not everyone can make the most of a credit card. There are many people who use credit cards inappropriately, so it’s not a convenience that will be obtained when having it, but it could end up with a number of problems in finance. The use of credit cards that are not right, can occur due to a lack of understanding of the benefits or due to the failure of someone in managing their finances as a whole.

If used appropriately, credit cards will actually provide many benefits and also ease in conducting various financial transactions. Not only as a facility, but credit cards can even provide many benefits for its users. Various features on a credit card will certainly be very useful if used appropriately.

Unlike other credit facilities issued by banks, the use of credit cards can certainly be done at any time, even only when we really need it. This is what makes many people use credit cards as an emergency fund when their financial difficulties. The use of credit cards as an emergency fund is a legitimate thing to do, as long as this action is accompanied by calculations and also careful consideration. This means that the use of a number of these funds has also been followed by a payment plan in the coming day.

There are many benefits you can get when using a credit card as an emergency fund, some of which are as below:

Low-Interest Rates

Low-Interest Rates

When in need of an emergency fund, we will certainly take into account the source of funds and also the amount of interest that will arise from these funds. This should always be considered because a large amount of interest will certainly be very burdensome and increase the amount of debt significantly.

The use of credit cards as an emergency fund will be very helpful, especially if it turns out that some of the funds will only be used in a short time. That is, we do not need to bother to apply for a number of loans to banks or other financial institutions that will take up a lot of our time and energy.

Currently, there are many banks that provide credit card interest is quite low, even some of which only range below 3%. This will certainly be very helpful and we should make it into consideration when we need some emergency funds.

Fixed Installment Facility

Fixed Installment Facility

Emergency funds are of course not only in the form of cash funds, but we may need a number of emergency funds for various other purposes, one of which is as medical expenses at the hospital. A number of these medical expenses could be in large enough numbers, so we have difficulty when going to pay it in one month the bill. Leaving it without being paid off at once, will certainly expose us to a number of flowers.

Various emergency bills like this can be overcome by using the fixed installment facility found on the credit card, in which we can pay in installments over a certain period of time with 0% interest. At present, almost all credit card issuing banks have fixed installment facilities on the credit cards they issue. Some banks provide a 0% installment period for the first 3 months if you choose a longer installment period we will be charged a mild interest of 0.99%. However, there are some banks that even provide a 0% installment period for the first 6 months.

The use of fixed installment facilities will greatly help us to overcome financial difficulties during an emergency. This, of course, must be done with a number of calculations and also the right considerations, lest we have difficulty in paying a fixed amount of installments in the future.

Utilize Your Credit Card at the Great Sale Moment

For people who often shop at the mall, surely they will not miss the massive discount event that is often held at the shopping center. Because there will be a variety of shopping offers with fantastic prices when the moment is present, for example, the Jakarta Great Sale Festival which is held in the middle of the year and when before Lebaran arrives.

It is better to be clever in getting around the shopping offer so that it is not too wasteful in spending money and leaving the mall in an empty bag out of money.

Get Cash Back

Get Cash Back

To get around so as not to be too wasteful, one solution is to maximize the benefits obtained from credit cards. Because in addition to being used as a legitimate payment instrument, credit cards also have many other benefits. In fact, usually during a great sale or a massive discount like this, credit card owners can be more satisfied with shopping by using a credit card.

This is because it is probable that credit card owners will get lots of extra benefits and discounts. The following are various benefits that will be obtained from the use of credit cards to shop at these great sale moments.

Cashback is a profit in the form of a sale price discount or a refund of certain value each time paying for a transaction using a credit card for various transactions. These discounts can be done directly by reducing the value of the transaction or by reducing the credit category on three bills in the following month. For example cashback of 1.5% of the total purchase transaction or cashback in the form of cash that is useful for spending a certain amount.

Add Reward Points

Add Reward Points


Usually, there are several cards that provide point collection features in a number of purchase transactions that are made based on the policies of each issuing bank. The number of reward points that have been collected by the credit card holder can be exchanged for other prizes (Redeem Points).

The types of prizes offered by each credit card or issuing bank vary depending on the policies of each bank. But in general, the prize provided by the issuing bank is in the form of a discounted purchase price directly for certain goods or product purchase transactions.

These moments can be used by credit card owners to add or exchange points that have been collected previously. Usually, the process is easier and more interesting because the owner of the point can exchange with certain purchases that are included in the list of promotions in a great sale moment.

So, you should ask the mall cashier first, whether the points contained in the credit card can be used to pay for your groceries. If there are points that can be used, it will certainly help reduce spending payments, as well as being useful to take advantage of credit card points that may already be mountainous because they have never been used.

Get Extra Discounts


Discount facility or discounted selling price is the most offered facility in conducting transactions using credit cards. This is because discounts have become a standard facility for credit cards. The discounted offer is the facility most often used to attract people to use a credit card. Nowadays, there are many merchants who have collaborated with credit card issuers who participate in offering credit card promos in a variety of discounted prices.

Shopping when the great sale moment is the most appropriate time for credit card owners to take advantage of these discounts to get the items you want. In a great sale moment, generally, this credit card discount will help the card owner to control expenses and of course be free from dry bags caused by the desire to hunt for items that are heavily discounted.

But credit card owners should still pay attention to the needs of the items to be purchased whether really needed or not so that rewards, discounts, and other facilities from the credit card are not immediately used up immediately.

For those of you who like traveling, besides the three facilities above, certain credit cards also offer other bonus features in the form of mileage points or frequent flyers. These points can be exchanged for free tickets and other facility services when using certain airlines. One of them is a free airport lounge bonus. These benefits can be an option for credit card owners who will go home using a plane. Maybe even more shopping transactions, the more points that can later be exchanged for convenience going home.